Brands & Agencies

As everyone within your organisation has the ability to create content for your brand’s social media accounts through the FanzActive app, the volume of content produced and posted increases. This develops brand awareness, improves engagement with your fans and followers and as a result additional revenue opportunities emerge.

Clubs & Organisations

FanzActive enables multiple people within your organisation to contribute to and improve your social media presence. From sports score updates to sharing trade-show photographs with your marketing colleagues. This means that official updates are real-time, from multiple locations and have all been approved before posting by the designated person or group responsible for social media.

Event Organisers

Often pre-event and post-event social media content is good, however real-time content can be disappointing. This is because the people who manage social media are often too busy to post during events, but still take photographs and create some great content. With FanzActive, lots of people create content but one person or a small group have the responsibility to moderate and post. Away from the hustle and bustle of a busy event a cool-head makes a good call on what content should get posted.

Social Media Managers

The life of a social media manger is eased greatly when content comes to them for review and moderation before it’s publicly posted. Through your unique organisation login to the app and platform, all content created will be sent to our web-platform for you to approve. When you’re happy, post directly from the FanzActive platform to connected social media accounts.

Find Out More

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